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In 1985, while studying at Tehran University, Faculty of Fine Arts, our team formed a group and set the foundation for a research team in the field of vernacular, indigenous and Islamic architecture. In those days the thought that our small team may someday become a well known consulting firm in the area of research and architecture was hard to conceive. Upon completion of our studies, we decided to preserve our team with the same initial goals of research and design within the same framework of a consulting architectural firm. After five consecutive years of hard work, our consulting firm was finally established in 1996 and named Barn-Citadel of Kerman (Arg-e-Barn, Kerman) a name taken after a world heritage sun-dried mud brick monument in the south-eastern province of Kerman for which we were commissioned to develop our research and architectural studies. Since 1996, "Barn-Citadel of Kerman Consulting Engineers" has successfully completed a number of major projects and has been the recipient of several architectural awards in research and design excellence. In 1997, with the publication of an architectural magazine, "Architecture and Urbanism", partially owned by our group, we have been able to provide our clients with major coverage of our studies and research in the field of architecture, urban design, and city planning. At present, "Barn-Citadel of Kerman Consulting Engineers" is a member of the "Iranian Society of Consultants", "Iranian Concrete Institute" and is accredited by the "Management and Planning Organization of Iran".



Registration no. 120234 Dated 19th March 1996

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